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Becoming a new belt in Jiu Jitsu is more than just putting a new piece of fabric around your waist. There is a certain mental gift that comes along with reviving that belt. It’s the same benefits that you would get from competing or completing anything difficult in life. When you receive your new belt, most people go through a significant growth spurt right after. The idea of “I Am” is very important in people’s lives and who they become. I hear the comment all the time of “I’m just a …. Belt”. Those thoughts will limit what you are capable of. People will hold the idea of “I am a blue belt and I am capable of blue belt things.”  When you receive your new belt, and can accept what your interpretation of a what that new belt means to you, your brain will unlock a little and your Jiu Jitsu game will grow quickly. It’s a fun wave to ride and there are a select group of people at Gracie Jiu Jitsu San Marcos and Carlsbad and will be riding that wave very soon.

This past Saturday was an amazing day for Gracie Jiu Jitsu San Marcos and Carlsbad. A large handful of people have been working hard and stressing out over the past few weeks while they get ready for their belt test. Jiu Jitsu hasn’t and doesn’t always have a test involved with getting a new belt. It was not a largely celebrated event for anyone but yourself. A belt would simply be handed to you at the end of a class and from that moment on you belonged to that color. I believe that humans like to celebrate our friend’s successes so eventually the Jiu Jitsu culture started doing parties to celebrate the people getting promoted. It became a time where everyone could get together to congratulate who’s turn it was to get their belt.

I remember when we first started testing for new belts at Gracie Carlsbad and San Marcos. I worked with one of our highest ranked students on the first test we have ever done. I watched and participated in all the hard work he put into doing well on the test. Of course, he passed with flying colors. I have watched every student go through the same processes since then. They would come up to me with a look of stress on their faces and say things like “I’m so nervous for the test.” I always have the same reply “That’s awesome, I’m glad to see this means a lot to you.” As I am writing this, the thought of everyone freaking out before the test puts a smile on my face. There is positive stress in the world that will create growth within a person. This is one of those opportunities.

I have seen people over the years receive a gift of a new belt from their Jiu Jitsu instructors and question if they deserved it or not. This person will always deserve the belt but for some reason they can’t accept it mentally to receive the benefits of becoming a new belt. This is one of the main reasons why I love test days. All that time preparing and stressing out comes to this moment when they achieve a goal.  There tired and sometimes beat up. But, when it’s all over, they know what they have earned.

Part of that test for the adults is a long round of people attacking you not stop. When people go through this portion of the test and don’t quite they really begin to understand pressure. When you have nothing left in you and the attacks won’t stop you must dig deep. Jiu Jitsu will teach you how to keep digging. If you can dig deep while doing Jiu Jitsu then it’s easier out in the rest of the world. The pressures of work and life just don’t seem so big. Probably because no one is trying to choke you while you do dishes… The gift of accomplishment and knowing your limits is amazing and receiving that new belt take you further.

There are so many aspects to why I enjoy the test and watching people I care about grow. Congratulations to all of students who received their new belts this last week. We are very proud of all of you!


Grey/White Belts –

  • Jairo Rivera
  • Brayden Anguiano
  • Niko Stefan
  • Briza Rodriguez
  • Austin Banuelos
  • Ethan Landes
  • Caleb Howard
  • Roger Kapner
  • Micah Neglia
  • Wyatt Prentiss
  • Tyler Savilla

Grey Belts –

  • Chloe Wandler
  • Riley Budd

Yellow/White –

  • Callum Kearns
  • Gavin Mestler


  • Jasmine Perkins
  • Chris Siat
  • Tiffany Chu
  • Brian Miller
  • Jake Dornick
  • Tim Perriera
  • Austin Paulo
  • Jesse Barragan

Purple –

  • Travis Savilla
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