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Gracie Jiu Jitsu San Marcos and Carlsbad Kids In-House Tournament.

Last Saturday we had another amazing in-house Jiu Jitsu tournament. Our kids from both the San Marcos location and the Carlsbad bad location got together for some friendly competition.

The kids who are did the Jiu Jitsu tournament for the first time got a chance to see how the whole tournament thing works. They get their first experience winning or losing against friends and familiar faces. This helps them build character and mental strength while preparing them for future Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

A seasoned competitor needs to keep the sword sharp. Doing these in-house Jiu Jitsu tournaments will help the competitors remain ready for the next match. Staying in a competitive mindset is important and one of the best things for that is consistency of competition. The in-house tournaments are a fun way for the kids to build the experience they are looking for.

I was so excited to see how much effort everyone put in at the Jiu Jitsu tournament. Its a proud moment to watch all the kids trying their hardest and something they love doing. I am pumped for how the weekend went and cant wait for the next one.

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Photos from the Gracie Jiu Jitsu San Marcos and Carlsbad In-House Tournament

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